OLDIES TORSDAG KL. 17.45 - 19.15

Vi har igen et år det populære oldies-hold.

Vi danser kun danse der er min. 5 år gamle. Det er synd nogen af de danse vi har lært igennem årene, bare forsvinder ud, så derfor vil jeg genopfriske nogen af de gamle danse vi har lært, men også finde gamle danse vi aldrig har lært og som stadig bliver danset rundt omkring til fester og arrangemeter..


Udlært på oldiesholdet 2019/20:

 This is me


 My Veronica

Jai du boogie

Lord help me

Red hot salsa

Rose garden

Little red book

Chill factor






På oldies holdet har vi danset 2018/19:

Anyway, - Cabo san lucas -  Eye Candy - Good time -  Inspiration -  My new life -  Midnight waltz -  Sweet sweet smile -  Speak to the skye -  Stand on it -  skiff a Billi -  T.L.C -  Under the sun -    You´r so naughty -  crazy food mambo.

Heart of an angel -  slaping Leather -  2 hell back -  1-2-3-4 -  Baby don´t go -  be glad you can´t read my mind -  Bos Nova -  Sea Salt Sally -  My girl Sally - Black Coffee - Rhyme or reason - Right or wrong - Top of the world - Whole again - White Rose - Have you ever seen the rain - Corn dont grow - I`am no good - Go Mama Go  -  Laid back `n low key  -  Live, Laugh, Love  -  sea of Heartbreak. 













28.sepDANSE 17/18





14. sep.


 Lonely Drum

 Darren Mitchell

 Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin

 21. sep. 2017


 Where we´ve been

 Lana Harvey Wilson

  Remmeber af Alan Jackson

 28. sep 2017


Every time she walks by

 Heather Barton

 Every time she walks by Adam Brand

 5. okt. 2017



 Tina Argyle

 Roots by Zac Brown Band

 12. okt


 Quater after One

 Levi J Hubbard

 Need you now






 2. nov. 2017


 Isen`t Enough

 Will Bos

 Isen`t Enough by The Young Fables

 30. nov. 2017


 Cards on the Table

 Maggie Gallagher

 I`II Name the Dogs by Blake Shelton

 7. dec. 2017


 Back to new Orleans

 Kate Sala

 Take me back to new Orleans by Gary U.S. Bonds



 Walk down town



 1. feb. 2018



 Maddison Glover

 Story by Drake White

 8 feb. 2018


 Rosa from the sea

 Rep. Ghazaku-Meaney

 Rosa Del Mar by Gabe Garcia

 8.Feb. 2018


 Havana cha

 Ria Vos

 Havana by Camila Cabello

 22. feb. 2018


 Hold a Candle

 Robbie McGrowan Hickie og Kar-Harry Winson

 Hold A Candle by Jesse James Decker

 1. marts 2018


 Wild Card

 Tina Argyle og Karl-Harry Winson

 Better bad Idea by Sunny Sweeney









































Gypsy Queen by Chris NormanDANSE UDLÆRT 2016/17






 Your Heaven

 Niels Poulsen

 Gypsy Queen by Chris Norman


 Gypsy Queen

 Hazel Pace

 Take me to your heaven by Charlotte Nilsson


 Making history

Craig Bennett, Dee Musk og Simon Ward

 History by 

One Direction


 Some Girls will 

 Vikki Morris

 Some girls will, some girls won´t by mike Denver


 we dont talk Anymore

 Nathan Gardiner

 We don´t talk anymore by charlie Puth


 Alibis & lying eyes

 Jane E. Davis

 Alibis by Tracy Lawrence


 Hey Lucy

 Kim Liebsch

 Lucy by Burhan G


 So just dance dance dance

 jose Miguel Belloque Vane

 Cant stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake


 Where My loves goes

 Maggie Gallagher

 Where my love goes by Lawson






 By the light of the Moon

 Alison biggs &Peter Metelnick

 Good time girls by Nathan Carter





 12/1- 17

 A little love Trip 

 vikki Morris

 Love Trip by Jerry Kilgore







 Heather Barton

 Missing by William Michael Morgan


alabama Slamming




 Take me to the River


   Roy Verdonk og Jonas Dahlgren


 Take me to the River" by Kaleida



 Alison Biggs og Peter Metelnick

 Oops  - Little mix feat - Charlie Puth


 Dans Le Tango

 Pat Stott

 In-Tango by In-Grid


 East to West 17

 Alison Johnstone

 Play that song













4.feb.2016Danse 2015/16






 It feels like rock´n roll

 Maria Maag

 It Feels like rock´n roll by Bouke


 We´ll be alright

 Susanne Mose

 Were gonna be alright by             Mike Denver


 ticket to the blues

 Niels Poulsen

 One way Ticket by Eruption


 Tell the world 

 Robbie McGrowan Hickie

 Tell the world by    Eric Hutchinson


 The Bomp

 Kim Ray

 Who put the bomp by The Overtones


 Young Volcanoes

 Darren Bailey

 Young Voulcanos by Fallout boy






 Lord help me

 Marie Sørensen

 Lord help me by the Bellamy Brothers


 Heavenly Cha

 Dee Musk

 What´ll keep me out af heaven by brandy Clark


 come as you are 

 Yvonne Anderson

 Honkytonk life by       Darryl Worley

 5. nov. 2015

 love is like

 Maggie Gallagher

 Love is by Rod Stewar

 12.nov. 2015


 Francien Sittrop

 Derek Ryan  Patsy Fagan


Spend the night




 Locklins bar




 Open my eyes




 Far from the Charts




 Three beers to mexico




 Side by side