På hygge´nist holdet danser vi linedance i moderat tempo.

Du skal have danset før, og du skal kunne de grundliggende grundtrin, for at gå på holdet.

Hver gang der er udlært en ny dans, vil den blive skrevet ind her under.


Hygge´nist 2018/19 kl. 15.30 - 17.30

DANSE 2017/18





 7. sep 2017



 Rachael McEnaney-White

 11:59 by The Railers

 21. sep. 2017


 The most beautiful girl

 Niels Poulsen

 The most beautiful girl by Charlie Rich



 Blanket on the Ground

 Dorte Carlsen

 Blanket on the ground by Billie Jo Spears

 5. okt. 2017


Early in the morning

 Daisy Simons

 Early in the morning by Derek Ryan

 12. okt, 2017


 A shot of tequila

 Gitte mariann Bisgaard

 Caribbean Feeling by Nathan Carter

19. okt. 2017





 2.nov. 2017


 Tropical Depression

 Sephen and Lesley McKenna & Lorna Carins

 Tropical Depression By Alan Jackson


 23.nov. 2017


 Rollin` Home

 Susanne Mose Nielsen

 Rollin Home by Nathan Carter

 7. dec. 2017


 The Lemon tree

 Kim Ray

 Lemon tree by Fool`s garden

 11. jan. 2018


 The old and grey

 Rob Fowler

 Old and Grey by Derek Ryan

 22. feb. 2018


 Sweet hurt from you

 Anette Starup

 Sweet Hurt by Jack Savoretti

 8. marts 2018


 Make me know it

 Tina Argyle

 Make me know it by Elvis Presley































































 Love Like Befor

 Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

 Love´s gonna live here by Derek Ryan


 Drinking with Dolly

 Severine Fillion

 Drinking with Dolly by Stephanie Quayle


 Doing alright

 Susanne Mose

 It´s a great day to be alive by 

Lee Matthews


 Gypsy Queen Easy

 Lene Mainz Pedersen

 Gypsy Queen by

Chris Norman


We´re all cowboys

 Susi Beszon

 we´re all Cowboys by Gord Bamford



 we don´t talk anymore

 debbie Small

 We dont talt anymore by

Charlie Puth


 Alibis & lying Eyes

 Jane E. Davis

 Alibis by Tracy Lawrence


 Simple Things

 Gaye Teather

 Back to The simple things By don Williams






 The music Man

 Sandra Speck & Poul Bailey

 the Music Man By Poul Bailey


 Left in the dark

 Vivienne Scott

 Who do you think you are by sam Outlaw







 Ria Vos

 bored to death by Eric Hutchinson


 Amen for Women

 Hayley Wheatley

 Amen For Women" By Endless Summer



Hanne Pitters & Birthe Tygesen


 King of the Road by Roger Miller


 Take these Chains 

 Michael Barr

take these chains  





























Danse 2015/16






 Den allersidste dans

Annette Dida

 Den allersidste dans by Kim larsen


 Until the Dawn

 Gary Lafferty

 Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth


 Land of Dreams

 Joyce Plaskett

Land of dream by Rosanne Chash 






 Baby Wonder Train

 Susanne Mose 

 Wonder what you´re doing for the rest of your life by Train


 We only live once easy

 Lene Mainz Pedersen

 we only live once by   Shannon Noll






 All about a woman




 Move Slowly




 Doing alrigth today




 Bomp easy



 14 jan.2016

 Another margarita




 Triple mix


 take these chains from my heart- Lee roy Parnell


 On the Waves